Frequently Asked Questions

Following is a list of our most Frequently Asked Questions.

  • What are the cut-off dates for guaranteed standard shipping for upcoming holidays?
  • How many pieces of fruit are in each gift?

    The size of the fruit can vary from shipment to shipment and season to season. Generally our standard packs are the following:

    Size of Package HoneyBells All Oranges All Grapefruit Fruit Combinations
    Lite Sized Sampler, 5 lbs 7 - 12 7 - 12 4 - 6 5 - 6 / 2
    Large Sampler, 8 lbs 11 - 16 11 - 16 7 - 9 8 - 10 / 3 - 4
    Small Family Size, 13 lbs 15 - 25 15 - 25 11 - 15 11 - 16 / 7 - 9
    All Time Favorites, 16 lbs 22 - 32 22 - 32 14 - 18 16 - 18 / 9 - 11
    Family Size, 24 lbs 33 - 48 33 - 48 21 - 27 19 - 26 / 10 - 13
    Grand Family Size, 32 lbs 44 - 64 44 - 64 28 - 36 22 - 32 / 14 - 18
  • Is there a gift message in the box?

    Every package has your personalized gift message included. Your name also appears in the label on the box as the generous sender of this gift.

  • What type of fruit is available?
    Type of Fruit Dates Available - Mid Month
    Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
    Apples X                 X X X
    Christmas Red Navels                     X X
    Clementines         X X X X        
    Crown Ruby Red Grapefruits X X X X X           X X
    Gold Nectarines             X X X      
    Golden Pineapples       X                
    HD Royal Riviera Pears X X               X X X
    Honey Mangoes           X            
    Honey Tangerines X X X X                
    HoneyBells X                      
    Navel Oranges X                   X X
    Oregold Peaches               X X      
    Royal Tandora     X X                
    Star Mangoes               X        
    Summertime Bing Cherries             X          
    Temple Oranges   X X                  
    Valencia Oranges     X X X X            
  • Replacements?
    Your complete satisfaction is always guaranteed. If for any reason you are disappointed in the fruit you receive, we will make it right with an appropriate replacement or refund.
  • What is a Cushman’s HoneyBell?
    Actually HoneyBells are not oranges at all. They’re a unique natural hybrid of Dancy Tangerine and Duncan Grapefruit, which are both seeded fruit. But … HoneyBells usually have no seeds. Cushman HoneyBells are perfect eating once each year in January. They will not be hurried to maturity and we will not ship Cushman HoneyBells to anyone unless the fruit is perfect.
  • Are HoneyBells seedless?

    HoneyBells and seeds…

    Most HoneyBells (about 80%) are seedless. But if some of yours have seeds, blame the bees. (We are not making this up.)

    Sometimes the honeybees pick up pollen from the seeded varieties of oranges and grapefruit growing in nearby groves and carry it to the HoneyBell trees. The result? Seeds in some of our HoneyBells.

    We’ve had long talks with the bees about this. We’ve even tried to sign no-seed treaties with them. We’ve gone so far as to have the birds talk to the bees, but sometimes … well, you know how the birds and the bees are. Luckily, the seeds don’t change the delectable sweetness and the extraordinary juiciness of your unforgettable HoneyBells, the World’s Only Limited Edition Fruit.®

  • What is a HoneyBell Gift Announcement Card?
    A colorful Gift Announcement Card is sent in December for HoneyBells gifts ordered in November and December. The announcement lists your name as the generous sender - announcing the arrival of their HoneyBell gift in January.
  • What’s included in HoneyBell gifts?
    Each gift includes a Bib Kit which has two HoneyBell bibs, a brochure with the HoneyBell story and instructions on how to eat a HoneyBell.
  • Cushman’s Fruit Company HoneyBell easy-size Guide.

    Regardless of the size of the fruit gift you select, inside you’ll always discover the best, juiciest HoneyBells available – grown in the finest Florida groves. HoneyBells vary in size, the very smallest shown on the left are Kisses, then the Care Package and Juicy Sweet HoneyBells. HoneyBells, the Great Crate, Extra Juices range in the mid-range size, then Supremes and Crown Jewels, and the very largest shown on the right are Giants and Spoonful of Heaven.

    HoneyBell Size Guide
  • Want to be in pictures?
    Send us a photo of yourself enjoying a gift of delicious Cushman’s fruit. If we select your photo, we offer a $100 gift card.
  • I saw a special offer in a newspaper and I cannot find the item on your website. How can I order the Special Offer online?
    The Cushman’s Fruit Company runs many special offers in several newspapers and magazines through the course of the season. Each ad for a special offer contains two pieces of information, an Item Code and a Special Offer Code. To locate advertised special offer on the web site just type the item code into our search box on the right upper corner of the screen labeled Search and click on go. You’ll be taken to the correct gift item which you may then add to your cart. The Special Offer Code should be entered in to the Coupon Code / Catalog Code box on the Basket & Shipping screen while checking out.
  • Where is my order and what date was it sent?
    The Shopping Cart is used to request your desired arrival window, and every product features the time frame that the fruit is in season and shipped. We ship citrus approximately 7-10 days prior to your requested arrival. You can check on the status of your order using our onsite Order Tracking.
  • How long does it take for my package to arrive?
    It generally takes 10-14 days from your order with standard shipping for item which are currently in season. Soft fruits such as cherries, peaches, nectarines and plums take 7-10 days.
  • I ordered Express. Why didn't my gift arrive when I expected it to?
    Orders placed after 10:00 AM PST will be processed the next business day, and our carriers do not count weekend days in the calculation of their shipping.

    • An order placed after 10:00 AM PST, on a Monday, shipping Overnight Express, will arrive Wednesday.
    • An Order placed after 10:00 AM PST, on a Monday, Shipping by 2-Day Air, will arrive on Thursday.
    • An order placed after 10:00 AM PST, on a Thursday, shipping Overnight Express, will arrive on the following Monday.
    • An order placed after 10:00 AM PST, on a Thursday, shipping by 2-Day Air, will arrive on the following Tuesday.
  • The gift that arrived was not the gift I ordered! Why wasn't I notified about the substitution?
    Unfortunately, sometimes we experience unexpected delays. We believe it best to send a substitute item of equal or greater value to ensure you or your recipient receives a gift by the intended date. We do our best to contact our customers when a substitution becomes necessary. But due to the sheer volume of orders we experience, especially during the peak of the holiday seasons, it is not always possible to do so.