What the Devil is This? Then Ed bit into one and the plot thickened …

Sketch of Ed

It’s 1945. The war is over. Ed Cushman opens a small store and gift fruit packing plant in West Palm Beach, Florida. He picks and ships oranges and grapefruit for visitors who come by.

One particular night was never to be forgotten. The Cushman family was waiting for a truckload of grapefruit. When it finally arrived, there on the back of the truck – in addition to the grapefruit – were about 20 bushels of the strangest looking, fiery-orange, bell-shaped oranges anyone had ever seen.

Ed took one look and said, “What the devil is this?”

When everyone had peeled and tried one, the consensus was that these were the sweetest oranges in the world. “Sweet as honey,” someone said, and Cushman’s® HoneyBells were born.

Actually, HoneyBells are not oranges at all. They’re an extraordinary hybrid of a Dancy Tangerine and a Duncan Grapefruit, both seeded fruit. But mysteriously, HoneyBells usually are seedless. The plot thickens.

Despite the fact that HoneyBells are grafted to a sour orange root stock, HoneyBells are naturally sweeter than any orange grown. To add to the intrigue, HoneyBells have a rare bell shape like the pictures show. Incredibly juicy. Unbelievably sweet.

Here’s the clincher.

HoneyBells are available once – and only once – each year, for a few short weeks in January. We sell and ship every one we pick!

This is your opportunity to experience Cushman’s legendary HoneyBells. They’ll be hand-picked, packed and shipped fresh to you and yours. After that, there are no more. Anywhere. At any price. So, you must order now, to reserve your HoneyBells for next January.

Indulge yourself with this healthy, post-holiday treat.

Let us send you a box of Cushman’s® HoneyBells – the World’s Only Limited Edition Fruit®. Each one is guaranteed to delight you, your friends, neighbors and anyone else lucky enough to be around when you open your box!

Every shipment receives …

Free HoneyBell bibs (juice protection), the HoneyBell story (a rib tickler) and directions on HoneyBell feasting (an art). HoneyBells … the gift full of joy, health, happiness and Florida sunshine. Remember, you must order now to reserve your HoneyBells … for next January.

Surprise someone you care about with a
very unique gift.

If you send HoneyBells as a gift, we’ll send a gift card for you in December. Your card announces your gift to come, and your HoneyBells arrive gift boxed in January after all the other gifts are forgotten!

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