Harvest Report

When you order something from Cushman's Fruit Company, you can be sure that we have chosen the very best fruit from Florida's premium groves and from the finest small farms and orchards all across America. It will be sweet and ripe; at its peak of flavor and goodness.

Harvest Information

Updated: January 9, 2014

Due to later than usual harvest, our HoneyBell gifts are delayed. In keeping with our promise to bring you the very finest fruit at its peak of flavor, we will be shipping your HoneyBells a little bit later than anticipated.

You can always check here, online — anytime, for harvest status. Please note that we do not currently send email updates regarding club shipments.

As with all of our products, your complete satisfaction is fully guaranteed. Everyone who receives fruit from you (including you and your family) will be pleased, delighted, and grateful that you remembered them in such a thoughtful, wholesome, generous way.